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What Is a Computer Science?

Discipline of Computer Science has emerged since the era of the 1940s, along with berpadunya theory algorithms and mathematical logic, as well as the invention of the electronic computer with program storage capability. Is Alan Turing and Kurt Godel, who in the 1930s successfully integrate algorithms, logic, and math calculation and realized in a tool or a rule system. The principle of the algorithm used is Ada Lovelace, which was developed 60 years earlier.
The inventor of the algorithm itself is recorded in the early history of a man named Abu Abdullah Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi. Al-Khwarizmi was a mathematician from Uzbekistan who lived in the years 770-840 AD. In western literature he was better known as Algorizm. The word algorithm is derived from this pr. While the analog computer invented by Vannevar Bush in 1920, and followed with an electronic computer developed by Howard Aiken and Konrad Zuse in 1930.
Then John Von Neumann demonstrated a phenomenal work in 1945, which is a computer architecture called "von Neumann machine", where the program is stored in memory. Computer architecture is then used by modern computer until now.
1960 is the start of a new round of formalization of Computer Science. Computer Science Department at the universities began to bloom built. This new discipline then known as Computer Science (Computer Science), Computer Engineering (Computer Engineering), computing (Computing), or Informatics (Informatics).
Along with the development of Computer Science, nowadays a lot of researchers who are trying to make the definition of the study and did Computer Science. However, the base is a Computer Science and engineering mathematics (engineering). Mathematical analysis method donate, and donate engineering design method in this field.
CSAB [3] (the Computing Sciences Accreditation Board, makes an interesting definition of Computer Science:
Computer Science is the science that deals with computers and computing. Inside are teoritika, experiments, and designing components, as well as including matters relating to:
1. Theories to understand computer devices, programs, and systems
2. Experiments for developing and testing concepts
3. Methodology design, algorithms, and tools to make it happen
4. Methods of analysis to prove that the realization is in conformity with requirements requested
Some other, more abstract definition is:
Computer Science is the study of the representation pengatahuan (knowledge representation) and its implementation.
or definition
Computer Science is the study of how to control the abstraction and complexity.
Denning defines Computer Science is very well known in his paper about the discipline of computer science [1]. This paper is the final report of the project and the task force on the Core of Computer Science which is formed by the two largest scientific society in computing, namely the ACM [4] ( and the IEEE Computer Society [5] (http: / /
Computer Science is the systematic study of algorithmic processes that mengjelaskan and transform information: whether it relates to the theories, analysis, design, efficiency, implementation, or applications available to it. The fundamental question is related to Computer Science, "What can be automated efficiently".
We can conclude from the equation and the nature of the use of the terminology used in the definition of the meaning of the researchers above, that:
Computer Science is a science that contains the theory, methodology, design and implementation, related to computing, computers, and the algorithm in the perspective of software (software) or hardware (hardware).

The Wrong Perception About Computer Science
Some misguided perceptions of Computer Science can we summarize as below:
• Computer Science is the study of computers. Computer Science is not a science that only learn about computers, as well as astronomy is about telescopes is not science, or biological science is also not only learn about the science of microscopy. Computers, telescopes and microscopes are instruments of science, and not science itself.
• Computer Science is the study of how to write computer programs.
• Computer Science is the study of the use of computer applications.
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