Sunday, June 22, 2014

How to Know a People for Computer Science

Reading the biography, is one of the therapeutic system of self-improvement. Within a few hours, you can learn the secrets of successful large figures, and examine their lives through in 60 years or even more, as long as they live. You will also read about the successes and achievements. And understand how many times the characters must be defeated and the ups and downs in the journey to victory.

While reading a biography, you may get a surprising conclusion about how much excess you have. You may conclude, "Hey, I can do this." You can make your life more meaningful. Biography help you find your way.
With a philosophy that says "get to know the characters of computer science" it worked. This paper displays historical and biographical figures who had been instrumental in developing the business in various fields of Computer Science arable, both in theory and implementation.

 List of figures we sort alphabetically (first name), to facilitate the search. This article is under development, and will continue to grow in line with the new material that has been resolved.
 We will strive mengudapte and add one character every week.
Writings "Characters in Computer Science" will be published in book form (printed) in Rapid Serial Advanced IlmuKomputer.Com.

Adam Osborne
There Augusta Lovelace
Alan Turing
Alan C. Kay
Al Khwarizmi
Andy Bechtolsheim
Arthur C. Clarke
Bill Atkinson
Bill Gates
Bjarne Stroustrup
Bob Metcalfe
Bob Taylor
Brian Kernighan
Bruce Schneier
C. A. R. Hoare
Carly Fiorina
Charles Babbage
Claude Shannon
Christopher Alexander
Daniel Bricklin
David Packard
David Boggs
Dennis Ritchie
Donald Knuth
Douglas Englebart
Edsgar W. Dijkstra
Erich Gamma
Frederick Emmons Terman
Gary Kildall
Gene Amdahl
Gordon Bell
Grace Murray Hopper
Grady Booch
Henry Ross Perot
Howard Aiken
Ivan Sutherland
Ivar Jacobson
J. Presper Eckert
Jack Kilby
James Clark
James Gosling
Jay W. Forrester
Jerry Yang
John Backus
John Hennessy
John Kemeny
John V. Atanasoff
John Vlissides
John V. Mauchly
John Warnock
John von Neumann
Ken Arnold
Kenneth Thompson
Konrad Zuse
Larry Wall
Leland Stanford
Leonard Kleinrock
Leonardo Chiariglione
Leslie Lamport
Linus Torvalds
Marc Andreessen
Marcian E. (Ted) Hoff
Martin Hellman
Marvin Minsky
Nicholas Negroponte
Nolan Bushnell
Norm Abramson
Paul Baran
Phil Zimmermann
Ralph Johnson
Richard Feynman
Richard Helm
Richard Stallman
Robert Noyce
Samuel Morse
Severo Ornstein
Seymour Cray
Seymour Papert
Stanley Kubrick
Steven Jobs
Thomas J. Watson, Sr.
Thomas Kurtz
Tim Berners-Lee
Vannevar Bush
Vint Cerf
Whitfield Diffie
William Hewlett
William (Bill) Joy
William Millard
William Norris
William Shockley

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